antiorm: Pythonic Helper for SQL Access

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Anti-ORM is not an ORM, and it certainly does not want to be. Anti-ORM is a simple Python module that provides a pythonic syntax for making it more convenient to build SQL queries over the DBAPI-2.0 interface.

In practice, if you're the kind of person that likes it to the bare metal, it's almost as good as the ORMs. At least there is no magic, and it just works.


This open source package contains dbapiext, a simple module for making it much easier to write SQL queries.



Use the source. If you can't use the source, well, you should not be using this library. This is simple!


I did a short presentation of dbapiext at PyCon 2007, the slides for the presentation are available here.


A Mercurial repository can be found at:

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Martin Blais <>


Judson Neer <jud.neer at> for porting to Python-3.