lang-asm : Misc. tools for Assembly Programming


Some tools for assembly programming.

Intel Reference Documentation Converter

If you do some assembly programming using Intel processors, you're probably familiar with this document:

Great documentation format for the 1990s, PDF files, that is; unfortunately, this is the age of online reference, and I want to be able to click in my web browser to look up the opcodes reference. A ton of people have put such quick reference docs online, but it's all OLD. I want the most recent most detailed reference, and it's found in the Intel manual's PDF. Unfortunately, they don't provide HTML reference docs.

So I wrote a couple of scripts to extract the index of the PDF file, cut it up in its pieces, convert those to image files, and generate an HTML index of the docs.

You can download it here

Note: you'll have to download the Intel manual yourself; you will want the "combined 2A and 2B" PDF file. I can't figure out the legal issues around providing other people's document, so I'd rather not get involved. Download the PDF and try out my scripts.


Martin Blais <>