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Script that takes list of pairs of filenames and renames the files as such. The particularity of this script is that compared to a Bourne shell script, it can handle arbitrary filenames with spaces, single-quotes, double-quotes and parentheses easily. There is no quoting happening on the filenames.

The input file we are expecting is a list of lines, each representing a filename. We are expecting filenames to be ordered in input, output pairs, for example:


Empty lines are ignored.

This may seem silly, but attempting to move weird filenames from a shell scripts has become a very annoying task and I find this rather useful to clean up weird filenames. This is great for cleaning up various media filenames of the kind of files that can be downloaded off of the internet, unicode names, names with spaces, etc.


mv-filelist [<options>] <filelist-file>

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Download program here.