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Find some jars and start a Clojure VM with them.

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Find some jars and start a Clojure VM with them.

This is meant to be a simpler, more transparent and faster running alternative to Leiningen's Clojure startup commands. The assumption is that you have a few directories that contain all the jars that you need to run, and you just want to start a Clojure VM with those. Leiningen has been useful to the community, but unfortunately has multiple problems:

This script...

The script is very transparent about what it does (use -v or -vv to have it print full details), there's no hidden magic (in particular, no Maven or Ant stuff). You'll probably enjoy using this if you're not coming to Clojure from a Java background.

Note: this is not an attempt to replace the full functionality of Leiningen, but an attempt to make running Clojure _very_ easy (when you've already fetched all the jars you need).

To run a REPL, invoke one of these:

streamlined [DIR] [DIR ...]  --repl
streamlined [DIR] [DIR ...]  --swank
streamlined [DIR] [DIR ...]  --nrepl

To start a main program, try this:

streamlined [DIR] [DIR ...]  --main [NAMESPACE] -- [ARG1] [ARG2 ...]

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Download program here.