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This script allows you to quickly add or delete files that are foreign to a Subversion checkout, and to easily resolve conflicts. It deals with the common case where you have developed something using Subversion and you have forgotten some unregistered files before committing.

svn-foreign runs 'svn status' on the given Subversion-managed directories, to find out which files are unaccounted for and for each of these files, it asks you what to do with it:

- add it
- delete it
- ignore/mask it (sets an svn:ignore property on its parent directory)
- skip it for now (leave it where it is)

Other actions:

- quit / [x] exit, this interrupts the process
- delete with no backups (for large files)
- view the file with a pager (more)
- resolve conflict (only valid on a file with an unresolved conflict)
- revert conflict (only valid on a file with an unresolved conflict)

The script works interactively and is meant to allow you to quickly deal with the forgotten files in a subversion checkout. It works with directories as well.

Also, files in conflicts are properly ignored and not counted as foreign files. When unresolved conflicts are found, you are queried about them, answer with 'r' to resolve it and delete the temporary files.


svn-foreign [<options>] [<dir> ...]

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